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A guide for any and all GPXPlus trainers!

This Wiki is a work in progress and is slowly building itself up. Numerous helpers are working hard to make Global Pokédex Plus Wiki the best it can be. If you have something to contribute, please do so. Any help towards the Wiki is greatly appreciated.

Global Pokédex Plus InformationEdit

Created on February 14th, 2009, GPXPlus is a website where you can own virtual Pokémon. You can breed, hatch, dress, adopt, and raise your favorite Pokémon from any of the generations.

The creators and contributors of the GPXPlus website consist of:
Coding - Zerxer and Big Bidoof
Layout and Custom Graphics - Commander Wymsy
Egg Designs - Commander Wymsy, Kazyx, and Pokii
Sprites and Icons - Prelude and Icicle
Shelter and Lab Art - Different Turret
Updating and Proof-reading - Darth Krytie

Places to GoEdit

Egg Guide - A guide to each of the pokemon eggs and their sayings

Pokemon by Type [In Progress]- A guide that informs you what each Pokemon is, by type (fire, water, psychic, etc), their first evolution, how many evolutions they go through, their egg appearances and their rarity.

Nature Guide - A guide to the 25 pokemon natures, as well as what each nature boosts and lowers.

The GPX+ Site -The site that this Wikia is all about!

Legendary -Summoning Egg Descriptions

Latest activityEdit